Visit Bhutan – The Kingdom In The Clouds


Visit Bhutan – the kingdom in the clouds

Bhutan, the kingdom in the clouds, is a tiny landlocked Himalayan country in South Asia bordered by India and China.

In this ancient land, steeped in myth and legend, thrives an age-old Buddhist culture, one of the last remaining examples of a Himalayan Buddhist society.

Trekking in Bhutan

Centuries of isolation and deep regard for the natural world have ensured that its natural environment is pristine, making Bhutan a natural paradise.

Its astonishing diversity of flora and flora has earned it a name as one of the biological hot spots in the world. Close to 700 bird species and 200 mammals thrive in its tropical, temperate and alpine forests that cover 72 percent of the land area.

Laya Gasa TrekIts vibrant culture can be seen in its unique architecture, best exemplified by the 17th century fortresses or dzongs, dress, sophisticated weaves, song and dance and ancient festivals that is a major family and community affair.

Home to some of the highest unclimbed mountain peaks in the world Bhutan is one of the most mountainous countries in the world with elevations rising from 300 m at the southern foothills to more than 7,000 m at its northern frontiers.

Smaller than Switzerland in size, Bhutan has 19 spoken languages but English is widely used since it is the medium of instruction in schools.

Nomadic Students on Bhutan Laya Gasa TrekBhutan is home to about 700,000 friendly and warm people with deeply held spiritual beliefs, who refer to their country as Druk Yul, land of the Drukpa.

It is a destination, and it is one of the last remaining examples of a Himalayan Buddhist society with an ancient culture and a pristine natural environment that is home to an astonishing abundance of flora and fauna.

What it has to offer in terms of natural beauty and culture cannot be found anywhere else on earth.

Bordered by India and China, the land of the thunder dragon remained in geographic isolation for centuries. Bhutan cautiously opened up to modern development in the 1960s. Hidden for centuries from the outside world Bhutan is known by many names.