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Bhutan Tour Operator To Get The Best Connection

Any Bhutan tour operator worth its salt will provide you with information on the travel documents you will require when entering the country. If your passport has less than six months left, you really should renew it before booking your trip because it may be difficult to get into Bhutan and other countries in the region such as India and Nepal otherwise. It is also worth remembering that India is the only country that can issue you with a new passport in Bhutan if yours is lost or stolen. Always ensure you have another form of ID and a passport photocopy in case your passport goes missing.

Entering Bhutan

As any reputable Bhutan tour operator will tell you, you can only enter and exit the country via Druk Air. Beware companies that offer ‘discounts’ or ‘student rates’ because there is no such thing! According to Druk Air, if the air fare rate is increased after you have been issued with the ticket(s), the company is obliged to collect the difference in cost when you check in.

Generally, a Bhutan tour operator will issue the tickets in Delhi, Bangkok or Kathmandu. What happens is that a local representative will be waiting for you at a Druk Air counter to check you in and provide you with the tickets.

If you are coming from Asia, North America or Australia, the best place to connect to in order to get to Bhutan is Bangkok. If you are coming from the Middle East or Europe, it is best to make the connection in Delhi. If you wish to witness the marvellous Himalayas and see more of Tibetan Buddhism, ask your Bhutan tour operator to connect you to the nation from Kathmandu. Although you could also connect from Dhaka or Kolkata, it is likely to cost you a lot more so be sure to discuss this with your Bhutan tour operator before booking.

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