Bhutan most awaited tourist destinations in Himalayas


Bhutan most awaited tourist destinations in Himalayas

Situated in the lap of Himalayas, the eventual Bhutan Tour is one of the most awaited tourist destinations in Himalayas. Many people feel Bhutan tourism was restricted actually it is misinformation and misunderstands by people. As long as you pay the fixed minimum tariff US$250 per person per night halt set by the Bhutan government any numbers of people can visit any time. The minimum tariff includes transportation with in Bhutan, all three meals, guide services, visa arrangement, accommodation and entrance fees.

Nowadays people from all walks of life are accepting this as a best tourist spot. Bhutan Tours has created legacy in providing the utmost satisfaction and happiness to their citizens as well as to the tourists. As a result, Bhutan constantly ranks in the top ten happiest nations in the world. In addition to this, due to its low crime rate, Bhutan is counted amongst the top 10 safest destinations for tourists. The people of Bhutan are sociable, calm and very generous as they love serene environment and possess dynamic sense of humor.

Bhutan is a small Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas lied between the Tibet Autonomous Region of India and China. The wealthy nature and true culture of Bhutan leads among the unmatched tourist destinations of India. Panoramic mountain views, monasteries, mountain trekking and ultimate culture are the main attraction of Bhutan tour. The best time to experience Bhutan Tourism is autumn or spring, which includes March, April, May, September, October and November. Depending upon the elevation, Bhutan’s weather conditions vary from north to south and valley to valley. While, having the experience of Bhutan tour, you will find diversity not in culture, weather, people, but in almost everything. Bhutan Tourism is a best amalgamation of rich tradition, unique culture, quality contemporary art, theatre, music and dance.

The unknown fact of the Bhutan Tourism is that there are no divisions of social castes, unlike in various other developing countries. This makes the people of Bhutan more social, lively and full of zeal. The unique dress code of Bhutan inhabitants are gho (for men) and kira (for women) which leads to the vibrant and lively spirit of Bhutan. Besides rich culture of Bhutan, it also possess a vast array of traditional arts & crafts which comprises of Woodwork, Carving, Paper Making, Painting, Ornament Making, Stonework, Bamboo Work, Tailoring & Embroidery and much more.

Bhutan’s history explores more about its culture, tradition and beauty, which can be experienced only by taking a tour to Bhutan. The enchanting wildlife packages, adventure packages, honeymoon packages, photography packages and many others will surely give you the blast of wonderful experience. By booking Bhutan Tour packages from our tours & travels you will experience the thrilling Bhutan Tourism without worrying much about your pockets.

Too add an unforgettable and cheerful episode in your life, be a part of this wonderful Bhutan Tours. So, don’t wait and think. Come and take a trip to “land of the dragons” and explore the mysterious and incredible Bhutan with us.