6 Best Popular Trekking Places in Bhutan

6 Best Popular Trekking Places in Bhutan

Bhutan one of the desired destinations for all types of hike and trekking adventures. It is one of the most remote kingdoms on earth that allows you to explore truly with nature.

If you are looking for one day or 31 days trekking adventures this place has all it sets.  The Bhutan’s pristine environment always attracts travelers to visit again and again. It is well situated in the eastern Himalaya and a country that ultimate aim is to put happiness to all by serving the experience of nature

It is a small country both population and geographical wise but the favorable climate is the prominent feature for the tourist attractions. Many travelers visit here for enjoying the trekking adventures experience and the best month for such amazing activities would be March to May as September to November.

Popular Trekking Places in Bhutan

There are numerous best trekking places of Bhutan that would give you an amazing lifetime experience of the hike as ever. Some of them are as:

  •    The Jomolhari Trek – one of the best moderate places
  •    The Snowman Trek– one of the most challenging trek
  •    The Laya Gasa Trek– mind Blowing view of mountains, visit nomadic yak herders
  •    The Dagala Thousand Lakes trek- Known for natural appealing view and beautiful alpine lakes
  •    The Druk Path Trek–  you starts from Paro and takes you to mountain of Thimphu, amazing experience
  •    The Merak Sakteng Trek – unique cultural and experience the living of high mountain people
  •    The Punakha Winter Trek- Best place for the amateurs, that is passing through hills, valleys, evergreen climate, beautiful landscapes etc

All these places are well popular in these days among the travelers as they just love to visit these places. There are many trekking campaign services providers are serving amazing services. They handle all the trekking activities with complete guidance under an expert supervision.

You can also look for their booking services well on internet is displayed, as it is more convenient to check all the desired places that give you full on pleasure for hiking experience. The customers can easily check online services at best affordable cost can hire or pre book their desired trekking adventure tours effectively.

For people those who wanted to enjoy hiking and want to explore themselves with beautiful nature then Bhutan is one of the most favorable destinations for all these activities. Of course, there are many travel agencies are serving and will guide you in availing such amazing unique trekking experiences for the seeker.

Bhutan is always on the top spot of many trekkers list, all the above-listed trekking places hold the exceptional hiking experience no wonders. It is a land of wonders of beautiful environment, valleys, mount, lake, garden and many other beautiful views.

The ultimate climate of Bhutan is always dominant by that of the entire monsoon. It is always the first preference for many travelers for hiking and trekking experience and Bhutanese culture or traditions still dominate the tourist to get attracted to it.

Bhutan is always an ideal destination for hikers who want to get explore with extraordinary hiking fun and serious attitude under their belt. It also has some of the most dangerous and surprisingly difficult hiking experience for hikers always.