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Bhutan Trekking Packages:

Magical Jomolhari Trek


Duration: 9 Nights
Activities: Trekking & Culture
Destinations: Jomolhari & Paro

The Jomolhari Yaksa trek offers wonderful views of Jomolhari Mountain (7,314m) and the twin peaks of neighboring Jichu Drake (6,794 m) and Tshering Gang.

The trekking reaches a maximum altitude of 4,750 m. It starts from Paro passing through rolling alpine meadows to the base of mount Jomolhari and ends in Paro. You will also explore Paro valley, home to many of Bhutan’s oldest monasteries and temples.

Drukpath Trek


Duration: 8 Nights
Activities: Trekking & Culture
Destinations: Paro & Thimphu

Druk path trek is easy to moderate trekking that passes through alpine woods with lush open meadows and gradually ascends above the tree line.

Campsites are next to an old monastery and some beautiful mountain lakes. The trail offers beautiful views of the snow-capped mountain from several points.

This trek is more of a leisure walk over gentle terrain following age-old yak trails. After the initial climb the route is not too hard and, if needed, there is access to descend to lower altitudes from several points.

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek


Duration: 11 Nights
Activities: Trekking & Culture
Destinations: Paro & Thimphu

This trek follows an ancient cattle migration route from the south-central district of Dagana to Thimphu in the western region. This is mostly in the alpine region and is the only trail that offers spectacular views of the Himalayas range in Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, and India.

You will also see lots of lakes and hence the name, Dagala thousand lake trek, Also famous for its Golden trout.The trek starts between Thimphu and Paro highway and ends in Thimphu.

Beautiful Laya Gasa trek


Duration: 16 Nights
Activities: Trekking & Culture
Destinations: Paro, Laya, Gasa & Thimphu

The Laya Gasa trek takes you to remote northern Bhutan where nomadic communities live within its rugged topography.

On this trekking you will sight Blue Sheep, Griffons, Snow Leopard in their natural surroundings and the Blue Poppy, Bhutan’s national flower.

The trail passes through sub tropical and alpine panoramas and mountain passes with striking views of Mount Jomolhari, Jichu Drake and Tsrim Khang.

The trek also offers the opportunity to get a close view of the Layaps, a nomadic community that lives in this region and rears yaks for a living.

Merak Sakteng Yeti Trek


Duration: 14 Nights
Activities: Trekking & Culture
Destinations: West & East Bhutan

In eastern Bhutan the Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary, or Migoi National Park, covering 650km, was set up specifically to look after the Migoi (or Yeti Surveys are being carried out to determine how many species exist there; no Migoi have yet been spotted. Besides the Migoi National Park Migoi may be encountered between the Tang and Lhushi valleys (Rodang La).

This special cultural and nature trek of an isolated Merak & Sakteng recently opened in 2009. Until now a handful of tourists and researchers were permitted to this area with special permissions. This area was closed to protect the unique cultural heritage of this Brokpa people and in part to give the mythical Yeti some peace, whose tales of wandering in the valley is very popular among the natives. The Brokpas (highlanders) population of Merak and Sakten are semi-nomadic yak herder, who speak different dialect and wear a completely different outfit from other Bhutanese.

This seven-day trek visits the isolated valleys of Merak (11,536 ft / 3517 m) and Sakteng (9709 ft / 2960 m), with a crossing of the Nyuksang La (Nyakchung La) (13,579ft/4140m). Allow some extra days so that you can make the most of this special area with its unique culture, rich history and very friendly people.

Snow man Trek 30days


Duration: 29 Nights
Activities: Trekking & Culture
Destinations: Paro,Lunana,Laya & Trongsa

Snowmen trek, ranked as one of the hardest in the world, is also one of the most beautiful.

Starting from the western district of Paro and finishing in the central region of Bumthang and Trongsa, the covers almost the whole part of the greater Himalaya in Bhutan.

The highlight of this trekking is breathtaking views of mountains, turquoise green glacier lakes, and highland villages.

This demands adequate training and preparation since it is long and requires going through rough terrain and crossing 11 high passes.

As you finish the trek, you will feel a profound sense of satisfaction and glory.

Indulge In Bhutan Trekking and Hiking Experience in Bhutan with Bokar Tours

“Life seems good in hiking boots”

Trekking in Bhutan are unrivaled by many of the more treks offered in Asia – it is quite challenging and it is for real adventure more

The hill side tends to be almost vertical, the climate is windier, damper and colder, and the daily altitude gain is more than in any other Himalayan nation.

To enjoy the beautiful landscape, one should reach top of the mountain to see the Bhutan’s flora and fauna. Bhutanese have wondered all over their country on foot for centuries carving out through valleys and passes.  Now these same routes are use for trekking.  Each Bhutan has its own special features.

Bhutan do not require any special skill. The trails are generally in good condition. Fit and experienced walkers would have no difficulty navigating them, although natural obstacles such as snowfall or landslides could require a change of plans.

There are several trails like DrukPath, Sagala, Samtengang winter, and Nabjikorphu community, and many more.

Bhutan trekking started in 1978. Around 1000 tourists a year visit to Bhutan and most of them opt for Drukpath, Jomolhari Yaksa and Jomolhari Round, easily accessible from the north of Paro.

However, the Bhutan comprises long days with several ascents and descents each day. The valleys are steeper here than in other Himalayan destinations.

Bhutan Trekking Season:

  • Bhutan treks in spring: – Most peoples visit in spring and fall, which is the main season in Bhutan.
  • In winter: – This is not the time to go for high passes. But the weather is ideal for low altitude. The clear blue skies offer unique opportunities to enjoy beautiful views of snow-capped mountains.
  • In summer: – Despite the rain, muddy trails and leeches, one can enjoy short and beautiful vegetation.

These days, with climate changes, one can go in all four seasons. However, one has to choose the plan carefully.


The trekkers are very well looked after by ‘Bhutan Bokar’ experienced guides. Overnight accommodation in comfortable tents and luggage is carried by packs of mules and yaks. You will also be accompanied by potters, and Bhutanese crew, who will carry your picnic lunch, put tents, and cook delicious meals.

How to choose a trek – Should it be short or long, easy, moderate or difficult? at low or high altitudes? Bhutan Bokar will help you in making a right decision.

Now, with our Bhutan hikes, you can make your dreams come true. You can catch the spirit of the world’s unclimbed mountain peaks in the healthiest atmosphere.

If you are the one who loves to take risks and conquer your fears, then you must come for the incredible experience of  Bhutan.

Bhutan may not be much-travelled country in compared to other places but is soon emerging as one of the best destinations for travel and adventure. It is finding its place in the “Bucket List” of many enthusiastic travelers. Recently we have seen a good amount of foreign tourists coming in groups or alone simply to get lost in right directions of Bhutan. The inner spirituality and outer natural beauty of Bhutan are quite magnetic. A wanderer loves to settle here for long.

Now with generations coming up, people have become quite fearless and travel especially for adventure. They found adventure exciting and simply can’t stop from trying something new. They search for new exotic locations to try different sports.

Bhutan is also emerging as one country which offers a different arena of adventurous activities. There are professionals in Bhutan itself who accompany the spirited travelers in trying new activities like trekking, hiking, mountain biking etc.

Let us understand first, what is Bhutan trekking and Hiking?

It is basically walking your entire journey on new paths in a place just for pleasure. Between the journeys, you may just do camping, cook and eat what you get on the way and thus wander in new directions. This might be in a group or maybe just two –three of you. People who are fond of trekking gets too compassionate and can live in any conditions and any climatic culture.

Who loves it?

  • People who love to check out new places
  • People who love to meet new people
  • People who like to taste new cuisines and are carefree in nature
  • People strong enough to adjust according to different climates and landforms.
  • You need great courage and strong will to go on long trekking holidays in Bhutan.

Another good adventure which people love to undergo is hiking! What is it?

Hiking is similar to trekking but the journey is covered on sports cycles. People who are hiking wear their complete attires like helmets and safety gear and keep cycling on new roads and new heights unless they find their decided destination. They even cycle on rocky surfaces and mountain roads with curvy angles without fearing their life. It is their fearless attitude which makes them successful in reaching new heights very time.

Who loves hiking?

  • People with good stamina
  • People who are passionate about cycling
  • Fearless people who are carefree and can live in any adverse conditions on high mountains.

“Ride on the mountains and reach new heights not so because the world sees you but for you can see the world!”

Now, let me tell you something more about Bhutan:

Bhutan tours may be long duration with both ups and downs each day. Trekking in Bhutan is one of the best offered in the whole of Asia. They are challenging as well as perfect for all adventure lovers. Holidays in Bhutan doesn’t need many skills.

What season is best for Bhutan trekking and hiking holidays?

  • Most of the best treks in Bhutan are experienced in Spring Season. This is the main season in Bhutan for having the most suitable pleasant weather.
  • If you are planning to book one of the package for winter, then you should avoid high passes. This weather may be risky for high altitudes and hence go for low trails. You would fall in love with the pure blue skies that offer a superior view of majestic snow clad the Himalayas.
  • In the summer season, you might experience rain and muddy trails. So it’s still good for trekking but not at all for hiking in Bhutan.

Hence all seasons are good, only thing is choosing it smartly for an ultimate experience,

Let us take a good overall sneak peek into all available Bhutan all packages with

  1. Bumthang Owl

It’s an 11-night journey with destinations including Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, and Bumthang. You may even have a one of the most exciting 3 day Bhutan hiking trips route from Menchuganag to JalakrDzong. It’s a complete combo of natural beauty and culture experience in Bhutan.

  1. Magical Jomolhari

Here on this, you need minimum 9 days and offers super views of Jomalhari Mountains and the famous twin peaks. You will enjoy the panoramic monasteries and forts on this tour.

  1. Drukpath

It is an 8-night which is quite an easy one and amongst nature between valleys and woods. You will encounter some of the most beautiful lakes of Bhutan.

Other interesting treks and Bhutan hiking tour you can explore with us are:

  1. Dagala Thousand Lakes
  2. Beautiful LayaGasa
  3. MerakSakteng Yeti
  4. Snowman

Now don’t waste time and explore our best offer budget-friendly packages of Bhutan. Once you travel with us, you won’t be able to forget this journey and it will always be in your words among your friends and family for your entire life. People who come to Bhutan is meant to come again before he builds up a connection to the people, to the natural beauty, and with the culture here.

Before choosing your package, keep the following things in mind so that you may choose wisely and according to your own will and planner:

  1. Choose the season of trekking Bhutan on priority.
  2. In the chosen duration, find all possible package details from us and see which excites you the most.
  3. We will very clearly define your plan with us and you won’t feel anything not according to you.
  4. Your travel plans will be taken into consideration for a hassle-free airport pick up and drop.
  5. We may see to it that all your personal conditions are taken well attended.
  6. You may get new people to meet on your tour. We will see to it that your journey remains cordial and no communication problems take place.

Eager to see you trek and hike with our experts!