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Phriscila - visited August 2015My trip  to Bhutan was absolutely fabulous. Bokar Tours took care of detail, provided great services, rich in quality and attentiveness. Also my guide (Nirpa) was amazing. I highly recommend this Bhutan travel agency for its professionalism, warmth and efficiency.The quality of service provided was far beyond my expectations and my needs were always anticipated.

Phriscila - Brazil

Incredible Trip to the Dragon Kingdom

Gareth Leonard in Bhutan

Gareth Leonard in Bhutan

I knew absolutely nothing about Bhutan before I arrived to the Paro Airport, but from the moment I stepped off the plane, Bokar Tours was there to help make this one of the greatest travel experiences of my life. From the spicy food, beautiful landscapes and incredible tradition, Bhutan surpassed my wildest expectations, and our guides made it so much fun in the process.
Everything ran smoothly and they even made my request to go mountain biking happen in a day’s notice.
Great Country. Great Tour. Thank You. Gareth Leonard 


“부탄, 행복의 나라!”

여행을Juenheon Lee 다녀온지 일주일 남짓 되었지만, 부탄에서 보낸 6일의 시간이 무척 그립습니다. 여행은 함께한 사람을 통해 기억되는 것이라고들 합니다. 그래서 여행 내내 함께했던 가이드 싱게와 드라이버 프루바가 더욱 기억에 남습니다. 우리 일행(부모님과 아내)이 지치고 아픈 순간에도 끝까지 함께하며 불편한 점을 살피고 늘 웃는 얼굴로 친절함을 보인 두 사람 덕분에 즐거운 여행을 할 수 있었습니다. 다음에 다시 여행할 기회가 주어진다면 역시 이웅여행사와 함께 부탄을 누비고 싶습니다.

Visited January 2015

Junheon LeeSouth Korea

We had completed our 7-day holiday in Bhutan with our 2 daughters (7 and 11 years old) in December 2014. Our flight bhutan_family_visitwas delayed by 3.5hours due to bad weather. Nevertheless, Bhutan Bokar T&T’s team waited patiently for us. We were greeted by our friendly guide, Singye.

Weather was cold and chilly in the morning (-2 Celcius) but to warmer 12-15 Celcius in the afternoon. Our trip consists of Paro, Thimphu and Punakha. The journey to Punakha was bumpy with more than half of the roads were under major expansion. There were scheduled road closure in 2 parts of the road. Timing of road closure was not never fixed and we were caught in one. Nevertheless, our girls were fine. Singye was willing to stop in parts of the journey for photography.

We managed to catch the heavy snow in Dochula Chorten. It was the girls favourite other than the climb to Tigers’ Nest. We were quite slow during our climb to Tigers’ Nest but Singye was patiently accompanying the girls who were way ahead of us while we were slowing down behind.

The good thing of our trip is that we take our time in all our visits and walks. We were not rushed to any place. As a matter of fact, we missed the Haa village but it is fine.

We are happy with Singye guiding us patiently. Food was arranged to our diet preference as our girls do not take hot and spicy.

Thanks Bokar Tours.

Sheri Chee, Singapore

Chime and Singye,

Thank you so much for the wonderful tour of Eastern Bhutan.   We are the couple from the USA that were with you the firstbhutan_visit week in December.  You run a first class operation and we were very pleased with everything, including helping us find another hotel when the one we picked turned out to have too many problems.   My wife Carolyn posted a very positive writeup of your company on TripAdvisor.


bhutan tour guideI want you to know how much we learned from you and how deeply the experience affected us.   I have dreamed about being in Bhutan 2-3 times each week since we returned.  My dreams often have messages to me about what is happening in the spiritual world so this is very significant.   As I told you at the end of our visit, you are much more than a tour guide.  You are a wonderful teacher of Tantric Buddism and Bhutanese culture.   I learned much more from you than from the 15 books I have read on Buddism and the two books on Bhutan.

Best wishes in the New Year 2015


Marcus and CarolynUSA

OLillian Too Bhutan Pilgrimage ur Bhutan Pilgrimage organised by Bokar Tours was amazing. From the moment we touched down we could feel the happy energy of this beautiful and very spiritual country. Everything went so smoothly and we saw a huge number of places .. culminating in our very successful climb and ride up to Tigers den.. all of us made it to the top and Chime even successfully arranged for us to do prayers and pujas up in Tigers den .. and we were even invited to lunch up at the monastery there. Our agent also arranged for us to watch a cultural dance which included a special lama mask dance. we loved the peaceful resort and the Naksel … will surely come to Bhutan again!! thanks Chime and your team of wonderful guides and helpers.

Lillian TooKL, Malaysia

Michel and groupBokar Tours is very well customs focus. Bhutan Bokar Tours & Treks touch had allowed us to share Bhutanese culture way of life and heritage.

We had a team, guide and driver, that over passed our expectation with their friendly altitude, care altitude with us in any circumstances.

We strongly recommend this Bhutan tour company for any customers’ wishes to discover the unique experience of Bhutan.

31st March – 12 April 2014

Michel VILLENEUVE x 4 pax  for 12 day Bhutan Cultural tour

France group.


Right from the beginning of organizing our trip to arriving in Bhutan, Bokar Tours made the process very easy and simple. This is our first trip to Bhutan and our guide and driver made a wonderful and memorable experience.

We look forward to coming back to Bhutan soon.


Voyage fabuleux grace a Bokar Tours tout a repondu a notre attente et meme plus.

Pays fabuleux splendeur des paysages. Vegetation luxuriante,  avoir surtout en Avril ( floraison, des rhododendrons . . .) Gentillesse des habitants. Le timing etait parfait pour nous permettre D’ appreciet toutes ces choses. Email:

Genon Andre and Delcour Jeanne

I had an amazing tour in Bhutan. My guide, Karma, imported invaluable information about the local customs, culture, religion, etc. and my guide Tandin, succeeded in adding humor and keeping me alive. I wholeheartedly recommend Bokar Tours.



My name is Gwen Ng. I am from Malaysia. I travelled to Bhutan with my father on 25 Feb 2011 to 3 March 2011 following a one week Bhutan tour.

In any normal circumstances, my father and I would opt to travel Bhutan on our own. But due to Bhutan’s strict policy, we were required to travel using a tour agency. We are extremely pleased with the services rendered by Bokar Tours.

Our guide, Chen Cho, was knowledgeable in Bhutanese culture and monasteries. He was also customer centric that he would put our needs before anything else. He was generally a great person to be around. He would always greet us with a smile and his cheerful laugh. And, this has definitely made our trip even more memorable.

Our driver, Tandin, was a very skilled driver. Without him, it would have been a challenge in traveling in Bhutan. He is a considerate person and we felt safe to put our lives in his hands. He is a dependable person. And, just like Chen Cho, he also went out of his way to make us feel welcomed in Bhutan.

Last but not least, Chime was an incredible help in organizing the trip for us. He was professional, as he was the only person who emailed me documents regarding the trip in PDF formats. When we were in Bhutan, Chime also went out of the way to meet with us to ensure that our tour was going smoothly and as planned.

We would highly recommend Bokar Tours to any family and friends who are interested in traveling in Bhutan.

Yours sincerely,
Gwendoline Ng Tze Yen.

Address: 29A, Jalan SG 1/6, Taman Sri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Gwendoline Ng Tze Yen - MalaysiaGwendoline Ng Tze YenMalaysia

We are greatly impressed with Bokar Tours and their staffs. After I choose this Bhutan travel agency I contacted Mr. Chime via email – he was extremely efficient with correspondence and cooperation.
I was really amaze by their professional way of arrangement specially Mr. Chime and of course rest of Bokar Tours team who made our Bhutan Trip memorable with hassle free.

All travel arrangement were taken care by Mr. Chime and we just spent our energy enjoying the Bhutan trip. Both the tour guide and driver formed more than our expectation, we thoroughly enjoyed their company very much and their friendliness.

Both I and my son highly recommend Bokar Tours and we have to say it was real pleasure to travel to Bhutan with them. We are looking forward to visit Bhutan again during the festival time.

Phone: +48 602104848

Kordian & Michal

I would like to thank Bhutan Bokar Travel, a Bhutan Travel Agent for all the help and luxurious stay in the country. I had immediate booking for a trip to Bhutan without a proper plan. I really didn’t know where to start. But I am highly grateful to Bhutan Bokar Travel, who arranged an excellent Bhutan trip comprising of cultural tour with trek. I am so proud to mention that I was provided with best hotels and comfortable new car. Kinley, the driver was so careful and smooth driving. My tour guide Chenda was a great man. He has profound knowledge of Bhutan history and culture.

On the trek, I was given the utmost care by the trekking crews. The trekking cook Phuntsho, prepared the best meals that I always ate more. The helper Sithar and Horse man Chagay were also very helpful and was fun.

Finally, I am leaving Bhutan with so much of good memories. The sweet smiles of the people living in this beautiful country will always linger in my heart. Once more, I would like to thank, Bhutan Bokar Travel for all the wonderful things done to me. You are the BEST!

Alexandros TsalkasAlexandros TsalkasGreece