What are The Pros and Cons of Visiting Bhutan

What are The Pros and Cons of Visiting Bhutan

Bhutan is a small nation of South Asia. It is frequently called as “Land of the Thunder Dragon”, “the Last Shangri-La” & “the Last Place on the Roof of the globe.” The nation is nestled in the circuit of the Himalaya and is recognized to have high tourism potential. Bhutan offers most excellent opportunities for adventure tourism and cultural tourism. There are lots of places of interest in the country.

Religion is a significant thing for many Bhutanese so tourists are expected to value that at all times. Buddhist tours are always conducted in the kingdom and people are invited to visit the famous Tiger’s Monastery, which is perched on a mountain cliff.


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Here are Some Pros and Cons of Visiting Bhutan


1. The People: Bhutanese are really nice people. They are cool & calm might be due to their spiritual beliefs. Their legitimacy will touch you. Even kids are kind & good-natured. You will find the guides and drivers extremely educated, polite, talented & fun to be with.

2. Freedom: You have the rare freedom of being able to visit this nation, which is a haven of traditions. You will be capable to combine a cultural journey with a trek in the royal Himalayas.

3. Buddhism: Bhutanese are real supporters of Buddhism. It is reflected in their life all over the place. You will get to hear a sum of stories regarding how the things came into the world.

4. The Himalayas: You can get an exclusive view of Himalayan Mountain. There are some other areas from where you can look the Himalayas Mountain, but they are not as attractive as this view. There are flowers in loads, magnolia trees & majestic downhill & uphill walks. Adventurous personas will get many hiking and trekking options here.


1. Infrastructure: This small nation has not good transportation. You will face problems in moving around. There is 1 national highway which extremely twisty, curvy, dusty & mostly traveled by old-age trucks. Traveling is certain to give you sickness. Mind it; toilet will be a difficulty; there are barely some bushes around the road to aid you with.

2. Accommodation: The flat rate for a stay in the nation is relatively high. Housing is frequently essential.

3. Medical Services: Keep some common medicines with you for ordinary diseases & your health. You can’t purchase medicines at a medical store. You might get home-based remedies, but their efficiency can’t be guaranteed.

4. Food: You will extremely limited options for food. Generally, vegetarian recipes are served with rice, veggies. Bhutan’s national dish is ema dates which are ready with red or green chili & cheese sometimes it is hot Bhutanese don’t kill animals; it is a Buddhists nation that sermonize non-violence.