Prince William and Kate’s royal Travel to Bhutan


Prince William and Kate’s royal Travel to Bhutan 2016

Prince William and Kate’s royal tour itinerary of Bhutan

William and Kate Bhutan Travel Day Five –Thursday 14 April – Bhutanbhutan_king
They will fly to Bhutan and arrive at Paro international airport where theywill be met by Bhutanses senior state representatives . The couple will take a scenic drive to the Bhutan capital city of Thimphu.

Their first stop will be at the Thimphu Tahsicho Dzong, the Bhutan royal throne room and administrative center and monastic body house, where they will meet the Bhutan King and Queen and take part in a chipdrel with traditional welcome procession. They will visit temples where they will receive a brief blessing and will light butter lamps.


Then head to Thimphu’s open-air archery venue Changlingmethang, to witness the Bhutan’s national sport. They will also meet young Bhutanese people from local schools and NGOs who will be playing other traditional games.

That evening William and Kate will have a private dinner with the King and Queen at Lingkana Palace.

thimphu_dzongDay Six – Friday 15 April – Bhutan
William and Kate will hike for five to six hours to amazing Paro Taktsang, the Tiger’s Nest monastery which dates to 1692 and one of the famous icon of the country. The monastery is a magical place near the cave where Guru Padmasambhava – who is credited with introducing Buddhism into Bhutan – he is said to have meditated for more than three years in the eighth century.

Evening they drive back to Thimphu, the royal couple will attend a reception for British nationals in Bhutan and Bhutanese people with strong links to the UK.