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Zhemgang is considered one of the most inaccessible Dzongkhag in the country with most of its Gewogs still situated far from road heads. The name Khenrig Namsum is an ancient name of Zhemgang Dzongkhag, which literally means (chikhor), Middle (Nangkor), and lower (Tamaachok) Khyeng.

It has a total area of 2,411 with altitude ranging from 100m to 4,520m and separated from the mountain passes. It shares borders with Wangduephodrang to the west, Bumtahng to the northeast, Zhemgang to the southeast and Sarpang to the south. The Trongsa district has five blocks and is home to about 261 Monpas, one of the ethnic inhabitants of the region. The Monpa people are believed to be among the oldest inhabitants of Bhutan. Originally hunter gatherers, Monpa tribal were formerly entirely dependent on the forest resources for their daily needs, but today community-based tourism is providing alternative sources of income and livelihood for the people and their crafts. Still, their respect for nature is reflected in their animistic spiritual traditions. A unique fabric woven from the nettle plant called Pagay provides the material for their dress.