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Bhutan Photography tour Packages

bhutan photography packagesIf you enjoy taking pictures of places you visit then Bhutan is an ideal destination for your next photography tour.

Hidden in folds of the Himalayas, Bhutan offers splendid opportunities everywhere. From the snow-capped peaks, pristine forests to ancient fortresses and crimson – robed monks, Bhutan is a photographer’s paradise.

A hike or trek offers opportunities to photograph the rugged mountainous terrain and untouched forests that is home to an astonishing diversity of flora, fauna and eco systems, which include more than 200 species of mammals and around 700 bird species on the last count.

If you visit in the spring season you’ll be just in time to capture the landscape starting to green after several months of a cold and dry winter. In late April and May entire hillsides burst into a riot of colours with wild flowers and numerous species of the rhododendron in full bloom.

The treks and hikes can be arranged to pass through farming villages and settlements of nomadic communities that rear yaks for a living at the base of majestic snow clad peaks.

A Bhutan Photo Tour can be arranged to include visits to historical sites and ancient fortresses with exquisite woodcarvings and immense white walls that serve a school and a home for monks of all ages.

Depending on your preference, Bhutan Photography Tours packages can be tailored to include short hikes to pilgrimage sites, which offer spectacular opportunities to photograph exquisite temples and monasteries perched on ridges or hanging from sheer cliffs, some of which were founded in the 7th century. The decorative details of the wood and stonework are examples of cultural expressions of the Buddhist inspired Bhutanese mind set.

You could also visit villages and capture shots of daily farming life as farmers tend to their crop and livestock, get inside a farmhouse to explore a traditional home and the traditional hearth where meals are prepared.

Tshechus or religious festivals that are a major social occasion for the Bhutanese also provide excellent opportunities to photograph the sacred dances where the performing monks wear colourful masks and costumes and the local attend dressed in their best costumes.

Bhutan’s urban centres also offer plenty of photographic opportunities from the gloved policeman directing traffic in the small and unique city of Thimphu to the blend of tradition and modernity in its architecture as well as in the lifestyle.

Given its natural beauty, a rich Buddhist heritage, vibrant culture and a friendly people a Bhutan photographic tour package is worthwhile experience.