Paro Tiger’s Nest Hike in Bhutan


Hike to Tiger’s Nest In bhutan

Paro Tiger's NestBhutan popular icon Tiger’s Nest is locally called Paro Taktsang. It is the scared site blessed by Guru Rimpoche (Buddhist Saint) in 8th century. It is located around 900 meters above Paro Valley, Taktsang Monastery, the “Tiger’s Nest” is one of the most visited hotspot tourist attractions in Bhutan

The temple clinging at 3120 meters above the sea level on a vertical rocky cliff, Taktsang Monastery is a wonderful and impressive sight for visitors.

Hiking Time: Approximately 2-3hours walk one way uphill and return 2 hours
Route: paths well maintain tails
Driving: Paro town to Tiger’s Nest based 15 minutes drive from Paro airport and 10 minutes from town
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Recommended: Sport shoes, Sun hat, camera, walking stick, sun glass, Umbrella if rain.

Do’s & don’t
Paro Tiger's NestPhotography is not allow inside the temple
Don’t carry hand phone and camera inside temple. You will provide locker to keep your bag pack.
Respect the local culture
Don’t speak loud inside the temple
Smoking is strictly prohibited inside and near temple.

Dress code
Wear long sleeve shirts
Remove shoes, cap, and sun glass entering inside the shrine.

It is good to hike early morning before 8am to avoid the sun heat. If you are photography recommend to hike in afternoon when the sunset light to the Tiger’s Nest.