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Bhutan Luxury Travel and Tour Packages

bhutan luxury package

The Tourism Council of Bhutan, as the industry’s development and regulatory authority, makes effort to ensure that tourists are given the best possible service in terms of accommodation, food and transportation for the fixed daily tariff.

This would include accommodation in a three star hotel as rated by the council, which has clean and comfortable rooms with all the basic amenities; three meals a day of a limited and fixed menu and a comfortable vehicle to go places. If it is a trekking trip then it is standard double accommodation a tent with pack animals to carry luggage and personal effects.

However for some visitors, such standard services are not quite to their specifications.

In that case you could opt for a Bhutan luxury tour package. If you choose a Bhutan luxury tour you have the option to stay in a five star hotel or a high-end resort at an additional cost beyond the standard daily tariff.

In the past two decades Bhutan has seen significant investment in the hotel industry and there are numerous five star and high-end resorts you could choose from such as the International Chain Hotel like Taj, Le Meridian, Uma and Aman resorts and Bhutan’s home grown Zhiwaling.  Just let us know and we can make the arrangements to suit your requirements.

Likewise, we can also arrange your choice of transportation from a range of Indian, Korean and Japanese vehicles to ensure a spacious and comfortable ride.

Luxury arrangements can also made for trekking trips at an additional cost. For a luxury trekking trip beds are provided in more spacious tents along with separate hot shower tents and dining tents and a more generous menu from the standard fare.

The Bhutan luxury travel package(s) is the ideal choice if you want to enjoy Bhutan’s rugged beauty and culture with all the modern comforts and amenities.