Honeymoon in an ancient land


Honeymoon in an ancient land – Bhutan

The ancient Himalayan Buddhist heritage and pristine natural environment are the key reasons, which make Bhutan one of the most unique and exclusive holiday destinations in the world today.

A visit to Bhutan is a lifetime opportunity to experience colours and rhythms of a unique culture and its traditions, which continue to thrive as part of everyday life. The pristine environment makes Bhutan a nature lover’s paradise and a wonderful destination for hiking and trekking and taking part in other adventure sports such as rafting and kayaking.

Even otherwise, as one of the least urbanised countries in the world and perhaps the most silent, Bhutan’s provides the environment to get in touch with oneself and commune with Mother nature.

That is why among the visitors to Bhutan, are those who just want some peace and a quiet and hidden setting. These include couples and the recently married who opt for the Bhutan honeymoon packages.

Tours companies like Bokar Tours also offer special and customised Bhutan honeymoon tours for couples who want to enjoy their honeymoon in Bhutan’s exclusive cultural environs.

For honeymooners and couples who want time a quiet and peaceful time for themselves, Bhutan’s is a good destination given its remote and mystical location in the folds of the eastern Himalayas.

This explains the growing number of couples choosing Bhutan as their holiday destination and the list includes high profile celebrities. For some, Bhutan has been the destination for a quiet wedding, away from the prying eyes of paparazzi and crazy fans.

Some elite business families have also chosen Bhutan’s quiet location to celebrate the marriage of loved one with family and close friends.

Still others have chosen Bhutan to tie the nuptial bonds in Bhutanese traditions with a learned monk blessing the union for everlasting love and fortitude to embrace the complexities of life.

The honeymoon Bhutan package is the best choice for couples wishing to experience their honeymoon in the kingdom in the clouds. These packages can be tailored made to suit your liking and schedule.