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Bhutan Hiking & Walking Tour Package

bhutan hiking walkingWalking & Hiking in Bhutan is the best way to see beautiful landscapes and explore vast wilderness areas. It is beautiful destination for nature lovers with virgin mountain lakes, imposing glaciers, rich Himalayan ecosystem which is home to many endangered birds and animals.

You will find the hiking and walking routes throughout the Bhutan taking you from the village hills close to the snowlines and letting you experience amazing natural landscape.

You can choose any day hike or night camping. Highlights, you can see all major mountains of Bhutan can be seen; like summits of Jhomolhari (7314m), Kang Bum (6500m), Gangchhenta (6840m:  shape of Tiger),  Masang Gang (7165m: the peak shaped like a trident) tower over Gasa Dzong (2700m), a tiny white speak in a sea of green, Tsenda Kang (7100m), Teri Kang (7300m), Jejekangphu Gang (7300m), Kangphu Gang (7212m), and  Zongpgu Gang (Table Mountain, 7100m, the very long flat mountain).

So grab a pack and put on walking boots for Bhutan hiking and walking Tour with Bokar  Tours.