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bhutan Fly Fishing Tour Package

Fly fishing in BhutanThe Manas River in southern Bhutan is home to the gigantic Golden Mahaseer, a highly prized gaming fish. The beginnings of fishingforthis fish date back to the early days of British rule in India.

The Mahseer (mahaseer in Bhutan) is a known to be a fighter according to anglers. It uses its complete weight—often around 100 pounds—to tussle itself free from afishing rod. The fight, as well as its size and rarity, make the mahaseer one of the few holy grails for catch-and-release fly fishing enthusiasts.

Like many other freshwater species, the Golden Mahaseer has undergone intense population declines in some areas of the world due to habitat loss and over-exploitation. Amongst the various Mahaseer species, five are recorded as “Endangered” and two as “Near Threatened” in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

To minimise the threats, work in ongoing to protect the rivers in Bhutan that the mahaseer depend on to survive and to create a controlled and environmentally sound Bhutan fly fishing tourism industry centered around mahaseer.

The habitat for this migratory species used to stretch along the entire arc of the Himalayas region, from present day Pakistan to northern Myanmar. But that range has shrunk as threats to its habitat have increased. The rivers of southern Bhutan are its greatest hope for survival as long as action is taken soon to keep the threats to mahaseer at bay.

Fly fishing can be done in the fresh waters of Phobjikha, Pa Chu, Wang Chu, Dangme Chu. Species found in west and central are wild Brown trout and local carp. Species found in east are local carp, catfish, gigantic Golden mahaseer (in Manas, baby mahaseer, and small catfish.

Fly Fishing Tackle

Fly Fishing tackle consists of the fly line, Fly fishing rod leader and reel.The weight or fly line density plays a part in the presentation of the fly. A float line is rides and buoyant on the top of the water. An intermediate line has a slightly heavier load and sinks slowly versus a sinking or full sinking line that carries load and will sink.

Catch and release bhutan Fly Fishing trip

Species found in west and central are wild Brown trout and local carp. Species found in east are local carp, catfish, gigantic Golden mahseer (known as Mahaseer in Bhutan) in Manas, baby mahseer, and small catfish.

Require equipment and tools for fly fishing in Bhutan:

  • Rod and Reel (4 or 5 weight)
  • Wader with fishing boot
  • Leader & Tippet
  • Indicator
  • Fishing flies: a) Beadhead Nymph size 12-16, b) Dry flies size 12-16,  c) Caddises size 12-16, d) Streamer size 8-10