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Bhutan FAmily Tour Package

bhutan family packageMany people are worried about traveling with children, especially if their destination is off the beaten path. Bhutan is a very safe country and crime is low or non-existent. You should have no concerns about your children’s safety.

You can get basic health service and emergencies can be taken care of too.

The country prides itself in being close to nature and not having any zoos. The people, culture and the biodiversity present itself as a living museum for children to explore. Also there are botanical gardens in Thimphu and another one at Lamperi on the way to Punakha.

Apart from visiting the temples and monasteries, you can enjoy the relaxed pace of life in Bhutan, with your children in camping at the mountain ridge and can see the sunset and rise.

In Paro, both the children and adults can take a horse trek part of the way to Tiger’s Nest viewpoint, where one can enjoy refreshments with magical view of the monastery on cliff.

Bokar Tours arranges a school visit with traditional school uniforms made for your children – the Gho for boy and Kira for girl.

Your children will love if they wear it, and will call the attention wherever they go.

Along the way we can arrange for you and your children practice archery – our national game and drat. Both the children and adults can also enjoy the hot stone baths – Hot stone baths are the Bhutanese equivalent of a sauna to the Swedish.

It’s a wooden bath with a partition in the end where stones that have been lying in a hot fire for hours are placed in. These heats up the water and apparently the stones have some healing properties.

The stones make the water sizzle and bubble because they are so hot. Please ask us, and we will design your Bhutan family tour itinerary exactly the way you want!