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bhutan entertainment tour

The Bhutan entertainment tour package is designed to showcase traditional and evolving forms of entertainment in Bhutan and at the centre of this tour are the religious festivals or Tshechus celebrated in different parts of the country on different dates.

The Tshechus are a major social occasion as much as it is a religious festival and the local community come out in all their finery to attend the sacred dances performed by the monastic community and lay monks. The atmosphere at these festivals are of a carnival, complete with jesters (atsaras) in funny looking masks that guide the performances and who sometimes engage in lewd antics and work up the crowd milling around and jostling for space in the courtyard of ancient monasteries or fortresses.

Dancers of the Royal Academy of Performing Arts, which has the mandate to preserve Bhutan’s folk dancing heritage, also performs during the Thimphu Tshechu.

Visitors can also observe a game of traditional style archery, the national sport, which is more of a social occasion than a competition and attracts a huge crowd of onlookers as archer try to find the target more than 140 yards apart. Women dancers from each team try and distract the archers of the opponent team waving the ends of their scarf and making fun of the physical appearance of the archer.

Women dancers entertain the crowds and each team has its own dancers who cheer for their team and try to distract every archer of the opposing team.

A more recent phenomenon in the urban towns is the emergence of Drayangs or entertainment centres where performing groups sing and dance to the tune of modern Bhutanese songs to the accompaniment of electronic and western instruments.

The urban centres also have karaoke joints and discotheques that attract the younger Bhutanese crowd exposed to this culture in other parts of the world. Visitors can visit these places as well to get a feel of what a discotheque experience is like in ancient and reserved Buddhist country that is buffeted by the winds of change.