Top 5 Cultural Festival Tours in Bhutan – Experience the Real Journey

Top 5 Cultural Festival Tours in Bhutan – Experience the Real Journey

Who doesn’t like festivals? We all love to celebrate our festivals, but watch and enjoying another country festival is one different experience. As we know that Bhutan is a very restricted country in terms of saving their culture and for that they limit the number of visitors in their country.

The people of Bhutan love their culture and always ready to preserve it. Festivals celebrated in Bhutan are vibrant, also a bit different from the other countries. Here, festivals are celebrated with complete tradition along with much fun.

They love to celebrate their festive seasons as one. It is the country that proud of its origin and the cultural quirks, therefore the festivals and events held there geared towards the celebration of its long-standing traditions.

To have the best experience of Bhutan Festival Tours is that be the part of the celebrations, such as colorful dresses, masked dancers, and pyrotechnics which represent the feeling of joy all around in Bhutan.

You can go for a Bhutan Festival tour package that gives a unique opportunity to close up and become a part of festivals. The spirit of the carnival acts in bringing the families together.

Top Five Festival Tours In Bhutan

1. Paro Festival

This festival is an open-air performance where the monks wearing sacred masks and perform dances (Chamms). They perform in addition to the religious music and district dancers present the traditional dances in front of the crowd.

All this takes place in the stone courtyard of the superb Paro Ringpung Dzong.

The celebration over with the show of giant Thangka in the morning at 3 am and over before sunrise.

You can see the locals visiting with their best dress worn and attend the festival to gain the values.

This event is not organized for the tourists, but it’s happening for centuries.

This held basically in the month of November.

2. Jambay Lhakhang Drup Festival

This festival is celebrated by the Ura Valley, people celebrate by picking the Matsutake mushrooms of Bhutan.
You can join in this festival and enjoy the mouth melting cuisine by Bhutanese, also you get the opportunity to know the lifestyle of the Bhutanese villagers.

Ura Valley people are too much warm and friendly. This place is popular for its pictographic setting.

Enjoy by picking mushrooms in the panoramic forest and hilly areas along with join in the dance events with the locals.

For enjoying this festival, visit in the month of August.

3. Thimphu Festival

The oldest and popular festival in Bhutan that is celebrated for 3 days.

With the festivals, the Cham dancers perform and give great details about Buddhism. They also tell the people to go in the right way and live a blissful life.

It is believed that the dancers perform to increase the good luck and removes misfortune.

To experience this festival, visit in the month of October.

4. Punakha Festival

This 17th-century festival is celebrated in the Punakha Drubchen, located on the western side of Bhutan.
In 2005 this was introduced to save the teachings and documents of the Buddhist.

You can take the experience of colorful folk dances.

To experience the culture of this festival you may visit Bhutan in the month of March.

5. PemaGatshel Tshechu

This festival is celebrated in the eastern part of the Bhutan which is known for its-

  • Religious involvement
  • Tradition
  • Folk Music and Dances by natives

The 3-day festival where people from far place come here and celebrate the social gatherings.

This festival also narrates the ways of Buddhism.

The preferable time to visit and experience this festival is in the month of October.