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bhutan pilgrimage retreat

Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom and probably the last bastion of the Vajrayana strain of Himalayan Buddhism. Evidence of this deep rootedness is visible in the thousands of monasteries, temples, stupas and prayer flags that dot the country’s rugged mountain terrain.

Buddhism has shaped Bhutan’s values and beliefs and is in fact so embedded in local culture that religion and culture are not two distinct but part of a single identity.

Bhutan’s ancient traditions and spiritual legacy are alive today as it has been for centuries and is very much part of everyday life. Century old festivals observed with the same sense of dignity and decorum as it has been for centuries. Families visit monasteries and temples and offer prayers and butter lamps during weekends and communities come together to repair and renovate old monasteries to get good karma. Monks continue to play an important role in every aspect of Bhutanese life.

For Buddhists around the world a visit to Bhutan is like taking a pilgrimage because Bhutan has been blessed by the visits of many great saints and masters who have left behind an invaluable spiritual legacy that permeates the landscape, architecture and traditions of Bhutan.