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bhutan bird watching

By area Bhutan is one of the tiniest countries on the planet-roughly 300 km wide and 150 km across as the crow flies. Yet this tiny landlocked parcel of land has a diversity of flora and fauna far greater than that of North America.

This includes 700 species of birds some of which are exceedingly rare and on the verge of extinction. That is why Bhutan is increasingly being described as the birding capital of the Himalayas.

Species on the verge of extinction include the Imperial Heron, the White Bellied Heron and the Black Necked Crane, which migrates to the warmer valleys of Bhutan in winter from the Tibetan Plateau.

Pallas’s Fish Eagle, Grey Bellied Tragopan, Satyr Tragopan, Yellow Rumped Honey guide, Grey Crowned Prinia, Rufous Throated Wren Babbler, Chestnut Breasted Partridge,  Blyth’s Kingfisher and Rufous Necked Hornbill are some of the endangered bird species that breed in Bhutan.

Birds in Bhutan vary from all year residents to breeding birds to migrant birds passing through with the seasons. Around 50 of the recorded bird species are winter migrants and include ducks, waders, birds of prey, thrushes, finches and buntings. The partial migrants include cuckoos, flycatchers, swifts and bee-eaters.

A common sight is the Wild Jungle Fowl and Violet Cuckoos. Another fairly common sighting is the Great Pied Hornbill with its bright yellow and black casque (helmet) on top of its massive beak.

Among the list of species in Bhutan you will find waterfowl and wading birds, song birds, game birds and swift. Please visit our exclusive Bhutan Birding website