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Trekking in Bhutan the best way to explore

Trekking is one of the best ways to explore Bhutan. It allows one to experience the pristine environment, camp in untouched river valleys and at the foot of virgin mountains peaks, and get in touch with the local lifestyle and culture. With its natural environment pristine and protected and two-thirds of the country under forest cover, Bhutan is easily one of best trekking destinations on the planet. If you relish hiking through stunningly beautiful Himalayan landscapes, Bhutan is your destination.

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Trekking in Bhutan is definitely a unique experience and a visit to this special kingdom would be incomplete without a trek. Besides the breathtaking landscape, Bhutan is also home to an astonishing diversity of mammal, avian and plant species, which include the rare and endangered. In the ancient days, Bhutan was known as the “Southern land of medicinal herbs” by its northern neighbours. Today, Bhutan is recognised as one of the 10 biological hotspots in the world. You will experience this richness as you hike through pastoral settings, temperate and alpine vegetation and glacial lakes high up in the mountains. You will also come across ancient monasteries and fortresses and get the opportunity to explore, up close, the unique cultures of nomadic communities of the highlands.

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Spring and Autumn are the best times or seasons to trek in Bhutan. The weather is clear, there is plenty of sunshine and the daytime temperatures are just about right. Hiking and trekking routes vary from hour long to half-day hikes to month long expeditions that go near its northern frontiers. There are various choices for trekking in Bhutan. Some take you to real wilderness while others bring you in touch with rural life. The trails are generally in good condition.

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Bhutan Trekking can be quite challenging so physical fitness is essential. Some trekking routes go over mountain passes which are more than 4,000 metres high and the terrain can get extremely rugged. Acclimatisation to the altitude is essential Routes are graded from easy, moderate to strenuous depending on the altitude, daily walking hours and length.

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Easy routes generally involve walking three to fours a day at a steady altitude and lasts between three to four days. Moderate routes have more noticeable ascents and descents and daily walking hours is more than four hours. It might involve going over one or two mountain passes. The strenuous and hard routes are extremely challenging and involve more than seven walking hours a day. Altitudes can vary significantly along the route going beyond 5,000 metres. The trek can stretch for more than a week to three weeks and is meant for seasoned trekkers.

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All Treks in Bhutan are guided and nights are spent in tents at a designated spot where water and meals will be served. Equipment and supplies are carried by pack animals.

Trekking Bhutan packages can be customised to suit preferences in facilities offered to number of days. Bhutan luxury trekking packages are also available with beds and hot shower inside a tent. Experienced and trained guides and chefs, well versed with all the trekking routes and in handling emergencies, accompany all trekking tours, whether it is a single women trekker or a group.

Standby Bhutan helicopter evacuations to address medical or natural emergencies is a standard prerequisite that comes together with the overall trekking package and insurance requirements. Please visit more in our Bhutan trekking page.