Bhutan your perfect vacation destination


Bhutan Tour – A Gateway To A Perfect Vacation

Bhutan is the smallest country in the Himalayas between the Tibet autonomous regions, of India and China. The government of Bhutan has successfully preserved its culture and tradition. People are interested in having their share of this country with its spiritual importance. Officially known as the Kingdom of Bhutan, Bhutan is revered with many other names. Bhutan tours are a like a spiritual journey introducing you to the ways it has always been loved. With a planned tour in India, it would not be difficult to make certain adjustments to the itinerary to accommodate Bhutan tours as well.

Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan. This city is a major tourist attraction, mainly due to the presence of majestic throne rooms that are used by royalty. The other attractions of this city are its museums, fortresses, temples and monasteries. Tourists also revere Thimphu Valley as it becomes home to Buddhist monks during summers. Travel to Phuntsholing will gift you a different experience due to its serene and pure environment. These tours can make any traveler a part of this small town for some time that wishes for solitude and introspection. Bumthang Valley is also attracting tourists for the Kurjey Temple and many monasteries with its main town Jakar.

Spiritualism is blended in Bhutan as it is in India if one pays attention to it and has an experience with India tour as well as Bhutan tour. The beautiful country holds some of the ancient and precious Buddhist sites like Jambay Lhakang, the sacred cave of Kurjey Lhakang, Jakar, etc. Trongsa reflects the royal history of the land. Trongsa Dzong is a famous fort located in the city that beckons the history of the land. The culture of Bhutan is one of the oldest and preserved cultures in the world. Several tourists from all over the world come for Bhutan tour to witness the culture. The country hosts a number of festivals every year in traditional style.

Bhutan Tour also offers you a superb opportunity to relax your muscles by giving them a good workout with a range of adventurous sports. Bhutan is the dream destination of any tourist because of its pure natural beauty and picturesque views. It is recommended to book a suitable Bhutan tour package to Bhutan through your travel agent or through one of the Bhutan hotels to make your stay comfortable. People from all parts of the world come to this beautiful place for vacations to spend some time in the lap of nature. For comfortable stay Bhutan, hotels are always ready to suit people whether they belong to high class or middle class they offer various kinds of hotels from luxury to standard and budget. If you are searching for an economical trip then Bhutan tours are the best option. The beautiful clouds and mists covered tea plantations of Bhutan offer a romantic view. Therefore, Bhutan tour is the right place for enjoying the exotic natural beauty, lush greenery any time.