Bhutan Tourism Tales


Bhutan Tales Entice Tourists

Have you experienced mountain trekking in a heavenly place, have you seen birds chirping in their natural habitat, have you seen the ultimate culture and tradition of Buddhism? Have you ever come to Bhutan? Bhutan, the land of thunder dragon is the only Buddhist kingdom and is religiously and naturally blessed. It is a place which is wealthy in culture, flora and fauna and is also considered as world’s roof. Bhutan tour is something what people crave for. If you meet someone who ever have visited Bhutan, then you shall be enticed by his experiences to come and feel this country. Bhutan tourism wasn’t this much better earlier but now Bhutan receives more than 30 thousand visitors in a year.

This may sound like an exaggeration of Bhutan but nobody can help it out if the fact itself appears unbelievable. Bhutan is not only good in terms of culture and fine ambience but the country has continuously been on 10th rank in world for being the happiest country. Bhutan tourism is on its peak in spring or autumn i.e. February, March, April, September, October and November as these are the most favorable time for visiting Bhutan. The main attractions of Bhutan tour are panoramic mountain views and Monasteries which maintains a peaceful environment.

Bhutan is surrounded by India from three sides and by China from one side. Bhutan tour can give you an opportunity to visit these neighboring countries too which includes Nepal also. As an add-on, Darjeeling is a nearby place that can catch tourist attraction. The place is a perfect blend of temperature and sub-tropical climate and is also floral rich. Darjeeling is world famous for inhibiting more than 7000 species of flowering plants and other floral species. Apart from Darjeeling, Sikkim and nearby Himalayan land can be an option too.

Bhutan Tourism aims at providing the best experience and once in a lifetime moments for its visitors. The Bhutan government itself takes care of the healthy tourism in their country. There exists many schemes and offers that let one have the comfort of choosing the right vacation type as per their needs and schedule and hence providing the best in class service. Bhutan tourism also includes the tour of experiencing the cultures of Bhutan showing various rituals, monasteries, epic stories, photography, sightseeing, and other similar activities that will boost up the enthusiasm of Bhutan tour.

Bhutan tour could be that one tour that is able enough to make you feel relaxed and come most close to nature in a beautiful way. Your one tour will entice you for lifetime to visit again!