Hiking Trip For Amateurs – Best Hiking And Trekking Trip


A visit to the remote and secluded kingdom of Bhutan would be incomplete with a hike or trek.

With more than 72 percent of the landmass under forest cover and about half the country as protected areas, wildlife parks and sanctuaries a hike or trek is the best way to enjoy Bhutan’s amazing natural diversity If you zoom into Bhutan from a google map, you will see stark Himalayan landscape that is white on its northern borders, then grey and then dark green all the way down to its southern frontiers. In between is mountainous landscape.

And that is what Bhutan is, hill after hill, building up from the foothills and ending in Himalayan peaks. This tiny parcel of land is home to more than 200 species of mammals and over 700 species of birds and eco systems that have preserved Himalayan diversity in its pure state.

The hiking and trekking routes in Bhutan vary from short day hikes to extremely challenging ones going to the base of unclimbed mountain peaks and over passes 5,000 metres high.

Given Bhutan’s altitude, it is advisable to get acclimatized to the thin rarified Himalayan air before embarking on a hike even if it is a short day hike, because altitudes can vary in a short distance.

If you are an amateur trekker let us know and we can design a package for you that lets you soak in and experience Bhutan’s natural beauty without tiring you out. We could plan short day hikes within and around the capital city and if you feel you are up for more we can take the short treks that that two to three days at an easy pace and pass through rural settlements and old monasteries and long abandoned forts. The trails will also be carefully chosen to ensure that it is a gentle slope without too many variations in altitude over a short period of time.

We can put together a Bhutan hiking trip package that fits your fitness level and your interests.