Bhutan Festival Tour


Bhutan Festival Tour (Jambay Lhakhang Drup “The Naked Dance”)

Bhutan Festival ToursThey are known as the sacred naked dancers or Tercham of Jampa Lhakhang drup. The Bhutan Festival locally known as tshechu’s. It is most highlights and a popular among the spectators. Some sections of crowd burst into giggles at the sight. The dancers, more than following routine dance moves, generally fool around, sometimes carrying off outrageous stunts. They wear comdoms and play with their organs. They tie ropes around it.

According to Chakar La Dorji, the dance was introduced by the great treasure discoverer, Tertoen Dorji Lingpa,on the propheycy of the Guru Rinpoche in the eight century. It was first performed in Nabjikorphu under Trongsa dzongkhag.A band of devils was believed to be causing havoc and misery during the construction of a Lhakhang in the area, destroying the work and delaying it. To distract the devils, Tertoen Dorji Lingpa launched the naked dance.

The outrageous antics of the naked performers during the dance are said to have kept the devil spellbound. In due course, the lhakhang was completed and consecrated. Terton Dorji Lingpa, who also consecrated Jampa lhakhang, brought the dance here. The Chakar Lam Dorji describes the dance as one of the most sacred in Bumthang,”You shouldn’t look at it as a male organ. It is one of the precious ter (treasures in the world). All sentient beings are brought into world by this organ.

Jambay Lhakhang was built in year 659 A.D and is known for its two special events: the’’ Mewang’’(Fire blessing ceremony) where the locals run underneath a huge flaming gate made out of dry grasses with ambers and piles of burning grasses. The second event is the ‘’Tercham’’ (Dance of Treasure Revealer). The dancers with mask perform the dance completely naked. Bhutanese believe that Tercham can bless the infertile women who have no children, and are only performed at night around a bonfire.

Jambay Lhakhang is located a 10 minutes drive from the lodge. It is one of the oldest temples in the kingdom. If you need the Bhutan festival tour program for you and will be more than happy to provide the details information, please feel free to contact us.