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Allow Bhutan Tours To Take You Up In The Clouds

If you decide to take part in one of the increasing number of Bhutan tours on offer, you are setting yourself up for a spectacular holiday in one of the world’s most remarkable country. For centuries, Bhutan was more or less isolated from the world as it lay almost undisturbed between China and India. It wasn’t until 1974 that the first tourists were allowed into Bhutan and democracy only came upon the nation in 2008. So what can you expect from Bhutan tours?

Arrows & Machismo
Although Buddhism is the religion of Bhutan and is known for preaching peace, respect and tolerance, use of the bow and arrow is still an incredibly popular pursuit. Firing arrows over lengthy distances is still a national pastime. While Germany has an odd infatuation with David Hasselhoff, the same can be said of Bhutan and Steven Seagal. He has actually been deemed as the reincarnation of a 13th century treasure hunter in Bhutan! Unsurprisingly, Seagal made a visit to the mountain nation (including Bhutan)a few years ago, presumably to enjoy his new found fame which has dwindled around the rest of the world!
The Tango Goemba is one of the most celebrated temples in Bhutan and can be found high up the mountains in the nation’s capital, Thimphu. The Pangri Zampa is another temple though this one is a little bit different since it acts as a school of astrology! You should definitely include trips to these temples as part of any Bhutan tours itinerary.
The Tiger’s Nest monastery, also known as Taktshang Goemba, is arguably Bhutan’s most famous temple. It is an extraordinary structure that stands strong on the mountains while withstanding incredibly heavy winds. There are a host of prayer flags in a multitude of colours hanging over a gorge. It is said that your wishes are carried off on the breeze if you are a believer. This is a symbol of hope for the future and if you wish to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity, Bhutan tours is your only option!
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