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bhutan agriculture package

Bhutan has undergone rapid social, political and economic transformation since it began planned development in the 1960s to end centuries of geographic isolation and transform its subsistence economy.

But it is still largely an agrarian economy with close to 60 percent of Bhutanese engaged in the agriculture and rearing livestock.

The rural countryside is where you will find the essence of this rapidly changing Himalayan Buddhist society where people live simple lives and understand the interdependence with the natural environment.

On the agricultural tour you gain insight into the rural lifestyle of Bhutanese farming communities, the crops that are cultivated and their social and cultural ethos.

Bokar Tours is your gateway to rural and outback Bhutan. We organise selective farm tours offering the best accommodation and facilities available. Our agricultural tour packages cater to common, special interest and educational groups.

During your agricultural travel and tourism period travelers get an opportunity to explore farms and pick seasonal fruits and vegetables by your own hand.

On the farm tours you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the countryside by walking and hiking.

We can also put together specialised theme tours such as animal breeding (sheep, piggery, cow, etc.), tree house, poultry farming, milk production, milk processing, local alcohol processing, or research tours.

We can also arrange agriculture farm tours in selected places based on your interest. Just let us know!