7 Tips to Know When to Plan a Trip to Bhutan

7 Tips to Know When to Plan a Trip to Bhutan

Bhutan is a very restrictive and a different type of country in the south East Asia. It has several restrictions over tourism. Though it is a small country, they work very hard to preserve the culture of Bhutan. That is why they control the visitors to their country Westerners would have to spend more money if they wish a trip there.

You will never find any crowd of tourists anywhere in Bhutan as compared to other countries. Although it is quite a great place to visit once. Here are some helpful tips for the people who are planning to visit Bhutan. So There it goes!

Important 7 Tips When Traveling To Bhutan

1. Know The Peak And Non-peak Periods For Traveling

In the month of March, April, October, and November are very busy months, you will definitely find a crowd of tourist in these seasons. Better to book your tour package along with the flight tickets before 3 months of travel.

If you don’t want to visit with the crowd, then avoid traveling in the above mentions periods which are non-peak periods. Tourist prefers to visit in peak months because this time period is of festivals and trekking which draws the big attention of tourists.

2. Specialty Of The Peak Seasons

This thing depends on what you want to do there like if you want to trek there, then better to travel in April May September and October. These are the optimum season to visit when the weather is clear and the sky is blue. You will not find any mud over there.

It is to note that monsoon starts from July and August with a light rain just for 1 or 2 hours. In these seasons usually trekking is not allowed.

3. Cost Variation In Peak And Non-Peak Seasons

If you are planning your tour between March-May, and September-November the daily levy cost will be $250 per day.

For visiting in on peak seasons the daily cost will be $200 per day, i.e. June to August and December to February.

4. Surcharge For Traveling As Single Or In Groups

People those who are planning to visit Bhutan as single or in pairs or in a group should keep in mind the daily surcharge that is as follows:–

  • For single visitor – $40 per night
  • For 2 visitor group– $30 per night and per person
  • For 3 visitor group or more– No surcharge

So if you want to save money ensure to ready your friends for traveling and making a long-lasting memory.

5. Travel In The Festive Season

Bhutan works hard to preserve its tradition and culture, so there are several festivals and the most famous one is Paro Thimphu Tshechu that occur during the peak seasons. Their festivals symbolize with colorful dances and the detailed costumes that are the focal point in drawing attraction of tourist.

6. Staying With Bhutanese Families

Learn the culture and daily living life of the Bhutanese by spending a day with them. But some families want a modern facility which is not borne by the small families like hot showers and or a good electric power. Some of the home doesn’t have electricity daily, even they boil the water on a firewood for bathing purpose.

7. Luxurious Hotels To Stay

Well, all your time will be spent in the car only and traveling here and there, so for a night stay, you can join with the local families. Otherwise, if you want modern facilities, here is a list of luxury hotels to stay–

  • Uma Paro
  • Terma Linca
  • Le Meridien
  • Taj Tashi
  • Amankora