20 Things First Time Visitors Need To Know About Bhutan

20 Things First Time Visitors Need To Know About Bhutan

Planning a trip to a foreign country is really a dream come true for all. When it is in a neighboring country like Bhutan, human joy holds no bound. If you are planning a trip to Bhutan, then it is high time to get to know some important things about the place.

Vital Things to Know while Planning a Tour to Bhutan

It will let you enjoy the tour and explore the place at the fullest. Some of those points include the following:

1. Visa, a mandatory requirement – Without a valid visa, it will be truly difficult for you to take tour to Bhutan. You may apply for the same by approaching a reliable registered travel agent through their online mode.

2. The currency of Bhutan – Ngultrum is the currency of Bhutan. Hence, you need to convert your any currencies from respective bank to go for easy transactions. Still, Indian rupees are accepted as local tender.

3. Weather of Bhutan is variable – Weather of Bhutan is variable. In other words, it does not remain the same all along the year. The weather condition of Bhutan solely depends upon the respective location.

4. Aesthetics are truly enjoyable – It is a fact that artifacts in association with Bhutan are truly an appreciable one. You will be astonished by the pottery, wooden carvings, textile  and other creativity.

5. Capturing of snaps is not allowed in each and every place – Capturing of snaps is allowed in each and every place except in shrines in monastery and Dzong. Hence, better to ask your guide regarding rules of taking shoots.

6. Tsechu or festival, the best time to visit Bhutan – Though Bhutan is open to tourist all around the year, it will be better to visit during the festival of Tsechu. You will become familiar with vibrant and dynamic culture.

7. Archery, a respectable art in Bhutan – In order to catch the glimpse of some real actions, you need to catch the glimpse of archery practices in Bhutan.

8. The only Vajrayana Buddhist nation – Bhutan is the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation in the world till date. Buddhist tours are constantly conducted in the kingdom.

9. Usage of a wide number of languages – A wide number of languages are use in Bhutan. Some of the most popular ones include Dzongkha, Lhotshamka and Tshanglaka.

10. Not to consume tap water – Though Bhutan is a safe country, still in terms of health it is recommended not to consume tap water. It is actually left untreated.

Other Vital Things to Know

These are some things that are given top priority. Some other vital things to be kept into due consideration includes:

    1. Selling of tobacco is strictly prohibited in Bhutan. Thus smoking is almost banned.
    2. Bhutanese meal is not enjoyable without chili and peppers. Hence, you can feel the burn!
    3. You may enjoy a meal at farmhouse to break up the monotony of Bhutanese dishes.
    4. You may enjoy the privilege of a local SIM to stay connected to your family members and group.
    5. The more you visit restaurants, the more you will be able to learn Western table manners.
    6. Though the trip to Bhutan will be an enjoyable one, you need to beware of stray dogs. You need ear plugs for sound sleep.
    7. In the harsh Himalayan climate, you must chill out in a hot stone bath to stay warm.
    8. You will not find any Tattoos Parlor in Bhutan.
    9. Picking up a bow and arch will let you get exposed to the fantastic art of archery.
    10. Bhutan Visa are permitted for exact number of your travel time frame .

These are some other vital things that you need to know while paying a visit to Bhutan. Happy journey!